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Welcome to my fitness site

The information here, and in my book, Not Just Abs, is about my fitness lifestyle, how I got started, how I trained, ate and got shredded for fitness shows, and how I keep my healthy eating and working out lifestyle going, year after year. 


It can help you do the following:

  • Set and reach your fitness goals with effective workouts, weight/fat loss and lifestyle maintenance diets.

  • Educate yourself, dedicate to achieving lasting results.

  • Build muscle. Firm, tighten, sculpt and shape your entire body.


The book is in full color and includes routines and exercise illustrations.

It's a lifestyle! Make fitness and well being a part of your life...........for life.

Best wishes,





Not Just Abs

A Guide to a Total Body Workout, Diet & Nutrition

Health * Weight Loss * Fat Loss

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