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​“Thank you!  Your book helped me so much!   I had lost weight fast, but was stuck, couldn't tone up, could not lose flab.  I was complaining to a friend, who said he knew just what I needed and he gave me your book, "Not Just Abs" and I started following your diet and routines.  I LOVE what it’s done for me, by arms, my abs, everything just toned right up!  Thank you, thank you!!!!

Saprina, Maryland


“Your book helped me lose a lot of weight.  I lost 50 lbs! 50 lbs! Thank you!”
Ramon, Maryland

“Your book impressed me so much, I bought five copies and gave them as gifts to friends and family.”

Monica B., Maryland
“Being trained by you and using your guide, I lost 8 inches all over, reshaped my body!! Thank you so much!”
Kim A., New Jersey
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Excerpt of Writer’s Digest Judge's Commentary on Not Just Abs:


On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being excellent:

Structure and organization: 4

Grammar: 4


“You answered an immediate question I happened to have.  The photo illustrations are an excellent aid.  The language is clear and well organized. “

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